Get ready for Spring!

Warm weather is approaching.  You may want to get outside and prepare your home for the warmer temperatures.  Check your outside faucets and hoses to be sure they are in good condition and if they are leaking repair or replace them.

Check your irrigation system; be sure all sprinkler heads are working properly and are directed to water the lawn, not the road.  Check to be sure Timers are working and are set correctly.  Lawns that are over-irrigated can be more prone to pests, lawn diseases, or even promote a shallow root system.  Irrigate in the evening or early morning to reduce evaporation.  During Spring you should irrigate your lawn about twice a week (unless it has been raining).  Adjust irrigation timing throughout the irrigation season.  Turn off the system for the next watering if we have had a lot of rain or consider installing a rain shutoff device.  Consider flow sensors that automatically turn irrigation systems off in the event of leaks or broken heads.

Check outside shower, fountains, pools and pool equipment are all in good repair.

If you will be out of town, consider turning your water off at the owner’s valve or curb stop.  This could prevent water damage and /or a high water bill should your pipes break or a leak occurs.