Retro-Fit Program


Every drop of water does count and each person can make a difference to help preserve and conserve this important resource. Because water is usually plentiful, easily available, and generally inexpensive, we often consider it to be an almost limitless resource – it is not. Water conservation practices help preserve our existing water supplies and help ensure our water resources will be available for future generations.

Retrofitting is replacing, changing, or modifying existing older plumbing fixtures in homes or businesses with those that are designed to save water. Older, water-guzzling plumbing fixtures should be replaced with low-flow or reduced-flow devices.

Retrofitting to save water will lower utility bills. The more water that comes into homes or businesses, the more water there is that must be disposed of through sewer systems. This also costs money. Many simple, easy-to-install water-saving devices will lower water and sewer bills enough to make up for the initial costs within just a few months. Offering a replacement/exchange program for outdated, high water consumption devices can help make retrofitting a reality.

It has been estimated that a family of four could save between 10,000 to 20,000 gallons of water a year by repairing leaking faucets and toilets, installing low-flow aerators, placing dams or bottles in toilets, installing flow restrictors or replacing showerheads with low-flow ones. A simple task such as fixing leaks could save hundreds of gallons of water each year.

Offering high water use facilities such as condominiums, a one time reduction to their water bill for retrofitting all fixtures with water saving devices within a 30-day period could also effect a reduction in water usage.

Recommendations: Provide replacement water saving devices such as showerhead and sink aerators to older homes and businesses; recommend any future appliances be replaced with water saving appliances; offer rate reduction to high use areas for compliance.

DATE: November 14, 2000
TO: South Walton Utility Co., Inc. Board of Directors
FROM: Water Conservation Committee
Ken Creel Jerry Gruber
Jim Lohr Amy Sallee
SUBJECT: South Walton Utility Water Conservation Plan

The South Walton Utility Water Conservation Plan mandated by the Northwest Florida Water Management District is being submitted for your review and approval. The Water Conservation Committee has worked diligently on the plan and after much review makes the following recommendations which we believe will work toward our ultimate goal of conserving water in our service area.

  • Recommend review of inverted block rate structure versus developing a new rate structure. Pricing increases (unless they were substantial) would probably not affect the majority of users in this area since many are transient, however, it could create an unneeded hardship on low or fixed-income families
  • Recommend we implement a plumbing fixture retrofit program designed to enhance water-use efficiency. This would include, at a minimum, toilet tank displacement and faucet and showerhead aerators/flow restrictors. It is suggested that an exchange/replacement program be utilized. Desired completion by the year 2008.
  • Recommend that South Walton Utility Co., Inc. Board of Directors approve funding for our Water Conservation Retrofit program. Estimated cost – $116,500.
  • Recommend as an incentive to our top 5% water consumers a one time 10% reduction to their monthly water bill for retrofitting all fixtures within a thirty-day period from the date of delivery. Estimated cost – $6,000.