A Brief History of SWUCI

Beginning in 1966, Col. Michael Grimaldi spearheaded the organization of prospective customers in Miramar Beach for the purpose of obtaining a community water system. There were approximately 110 original members.

The founders formed a member owned, non-profit corporation. The purpose of the corporation was to “own, construct, maintain and operate a water and wastewater system for the use and benefit of its members.”

Original directors in 1968 were:
Ms. Barbara Grimaldi
Mr. George T. Miller
Dr. J.C. MacKenzie

The company received an exemption from Federal Income Taxes in accordance with IRS 501 (c)(12), and is exempt from Ad Valorem taxes and Florida sales tax as a non-profit water and wastewater company.

Utilizing grants and loans from the Farmers Home Administration, construction began shortly after the original Charter, with the drilling of one well, which is still in existence and being used. The construction of our first wastewater treatment plant soon followed.

Later, after the company had been in existence for some time, the works were expanded by adding sewer service to its business, more service areas and more customers were added to the point where by the end of 2004 the corporation was serving over 7,400 members. Total numbers of living units connected to the water and wastewater system were almost 15,000 and 8,000 respectively.

When the corporation was first formed, the grant and loans under the auspices of FMHA, were controlled by that agency, through an agreement dictated by them.

This agreement continued until the agency requested that debts be liquidated, for
the corporation was capable of using private financing.

The corporation also operates under rules set by the State, now under Chapter 617 F.S., which is entitled “Corporations Not for Profit.” The customers who have the benefit of receiving services, are members of the Corporation. A member must be a user, and vice-versa. No dividends are paid, as is required by the Statute. The members meet together, once each year, and have a set agenda to follow.

The Corporation is controlled by a seven person Board of Directors, elected by the members, who serve three year staggered terms. These Directors receive no compensation, and meet monthly.

The Board of Directors employ a General Manager to carry out policies
established by the Board and to oversee day to day operation of the company.

At present, there are 39 full-time and part-time employees.

A financial statement is prepared each month, and submitted to the Board. A comprehensive audit is prepared yearly, at the end of the Corporation’s Fiscal Year, September 30.

Since this is a member owned and operated corporation not for profit, the regulatory authority rests with the members, through the Board of Directors.

No net profit is permitted, and any funds collected over actual expenses and capital costs, are accumulated in a fund designated for specific developmental purpose.

The area served by the company is from Mack Bayou in Walton County to the MidBay Bridge in Okaloosa County.

President’s list:

Barbara Grimaldi, 1968-1969
George T. Miller, 1969-1970
Earl. W. White, Jr., 1970-1971
Alton H. Christopher, 1971-1973
Manzia V. Rouden, 1973-1974
S. A. Patterson, 1974-1977
Darryl W. Reddick, 1977-1978
S.A. Patterson, 1978-1981
Art Skibbe, 1981-1982
John F. Main, 1982-1996
Greg Featherson, 1996-1997
Bill V. Brown, 1997-2005
Ken Creel, 2005-2006
Jack McGill, 2006-2012
Mike Flynt, 2012-2017
Jack Lubker 2018-2019
Mike Richardson 2019-